Maximilian Gutmair

Maximilian Gutmair was born in 1989 in Bamberg, Germany, and currently resides and works in Munich. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and Rome, where he constantly seeks new experiences and directions through the use of different materials and media. Maximilian's creative process begins with his experience of life and the world through all his senses. He captures his ideas in sketchbooks and transforms them into artworks using various techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and printing.

Maximilian's art explores human bodies and experiences, primarily of men, who are in conflict with their emotions, body, sexuality, and gender, showcasing human relations and what happens when they are exposed to nature and spirituality. His art emphasizes aesthetics and the harmony between form and colors, rendering the themes light and near harmless. Although his art may appear to be quick sketches like a child's drawing, it actually contains sensual and pornographic material.

Gutmair's recent series, Roma, Amor, is a selection of works that tells an epic tale inspired by his move to Rome for love, where he found inspiration in the architecture and cultural, historical, and religious symbols surrounding him.